Know more about OCERT
This page will give you a brief introducation about Oman National CERT and the services provided by the center to the whole nation. For more details please visit OCERT website (www.cert.gov.om)
About Oman National CERT

OCERT Vision

To provide world-class cyber security capability whereby computer and Internet users feel safe and secure using Information Communication Technology (ICT).

OCERT Mission

OCERT’s mission is to build cyber-security capabilities to increase the capacity of security incident detection and emergency responses to such incidents and also, ensure cyber-security awareness in public and private sector organizations, including citizens and residents.


  • Serve as a trusted focal point of contact for any ICT security incidents
  • Building trust in using the government e-services
  • Building cyber security awareness in the Omani internet space
  • Building Omani cyber security capabilities to handle security incidents
  • Provide accurate and timely information on current and emerging security threats
  • Analysis of possible security threats and impact
  • Provide proactive measures to minimize the security incidents
  • Respond to security incidents and minimize their impact
  • Promoting R&D in information security
  • Coordinating with regional and international CERTs


Proactive Services

Proactive services are designed to improve security of the constituency before any incident or event occurs or is detected

Reactive Services

Reactive services are designed to respond to requests for assistance, reports of incidents from the OmanCERT constituency, and any threats or attacks against OmanCERT systems

Training & Awareness

  • Increasing the general security awareness of the constituents.
  • Building local capabilities in cyber security.
  • Improving the security practices at public and private sector rganizations.
  • Building the awareness of identifying, reporting and responding to security incidents.
  • Coordination of security programs with local educational and training colleges.
  • Promoting the research and development in information security.

OCERT Website

For more information about Oman National CERT please visit the following link: www.cert.gov.om