Security Advices
Security Advices
You can get lots of security related lessons including Internet Security, Email security, password security .. etc. In Addition you can view these lessons in an interactive mode. Don't forget to send these lessons to your friends to share the knowledge.
Security Advices
Level: Kids


Participate in chat rooms that have moderators. On mIRC, moderators are called Ops, or channel operators.
Protect your personal identity and only use nicknames.
Watch out for cyber predators asking personal questions such as name, sex, age, school, home address, phone number. If this happens, say goodbye and exit the chat room.
Delete files sent from strangers without opening them, as they may contain viruses, worms and spyware.
Stay in the chat room with all the other kids instead of allowing anybody to pull you aside for Instant Messages (IM) privately.


Don't put personal information on your profile.
Don't publish your photo or send it on request.
Don't use webcams in chatrooms.
Don't leave the public area of a chat room to privet chats.