Security Advices
Security Advices
You can get lots of security related lessons including Internet Security, Email security, password security .. etc. In Addition you can view these lessons in an interactive mode. Don't forget to send these lessons to your friends to share the knowledge.
Security Advices
PC Security
Level: Teens


Disconnect your Internet while not using it.
Shutdown your PC if you felt it's slowing down or requires extra time to complete any transaction.
Use encryption software to encrypt your emails.
Update your Operating Systems and application regularly or turn-on automatic updates.
Clear your internet browser history and all related information.
Install a firewall.
Install a well-known AntiVirus and update it regularly.
Change your Password regularly.


Don't Keep using the same password to protect yourself from being hacked.
Don't Download programs from untrusted websites even if it's free.
Don't use cracked applications with no valid serial number.
Don't download "Cracks" to activiate programs as it might include spyware.
Don't view or use other's resources and information without prior permission.
Don't neglect reading the "Terms of Use" in programs or social media website.
Don't try to login or sabotage public and private networks, because it’s immoral and might held you accountable by law