Security Advices
Security Advices
You can get lots of security related lessons including Internet Security, Email security, password security .. etc. In Addition you can view these lessons in an interactive mode. Don't forget to send these lessons to your friends to share the knowledge.
Security Advices
Level: Teens


Always update your Antivirus to protect yourself from Phishing attempts.
Use the phishing filter in your browser to identify the Phishing website.
Ensure the phone number using your local phone company and don't make international calls.
If you felt uncomfortable about any emails, then call the company directly to clarify the email content.
Ensure the content of any emails through the company's official resources i.e. website.
Check your references for comparison as it might include the real information.
Report any Phishing Incidents to your local authorities.


Don't reply to any emails that you might receive from suspicious sources.
Don't comply with any requests from unknown sources.
Avoid clicking on link in your emails.
Don't act differently if your emails were flagged as urgent.
Don't get over excited to any prizes that ask you to click on links to claim your prize.
Don't turst the interface of the website as it's very easy to be forged.
Don't submit any personal information till you make sure the lock sign is visible at the bottom or top of your browser.