Parents Tips and Guide
Parents Tips and Guide
OCERT strongly believes that the best method to strenghten Information Security among Kids and Teens is through the parents and thus this section is developed to discuss parental guides and tips on different information security aspects that will eventually leverage the level of awareness among parents, kids and teens.
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Parents & Internet
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The internet is an important educational tool for children. It works on developing mental skills, initiate their relationship with the growing technology and teach kids many important lessons in order to make them better human beings who contribute in the growth of human society. However, Children need to be aware that information on the Internet may not be reliable - even if it appears as such.

Teaching kids how to use the internet

The internet is an information highway. A sense of double checking the truth of information needs to be developed by the kids. So it pays to be cautious with whatever information we find online. Guidance on how online information is viewed should help kids to assess information.

We Should !

Talk about the online risks with our kids and encourage them to seek our help when they need it.

Protecting our kids

Our kids should be able to make good use of the internet potentials. They will naturally try to make new friendships and share opinions via the internet. However, they need to have a solid understanding of the dangers associated with www and the correct behaviours in utilising it.

Red Highlights for parents

These are signs that your close attention is needed in your child relationship with the internet:

  • Increased nervousness when internet connection is lost even for a short time.
  • Spends great deal of time online.
  • Turns the monitor away or shuts the PC down when a parent is close by.
  • Starts receiving phone calls from strangers.

Do you know?

You can activate "filtering" in the online search engine that your kid uses. This should reduce the possibility of accidental returns of harmful materials.


  • Start educating your child about the internet from an early age.
  • Open dialogues with your kid discussing the subjects of his interest.
  • Monitor the amount of time spent on-line.


  • Don’t give your child more than one email.
  • Don’t put the computer in a privet place where it can't be monitored.
  • Don't leave webcam connected all the time.