Parents Tips and Guide
Parents Tips and Guide
OCERT strongly believes that the best method to strenghten Information Security among Kids and Teens is through the parents and thus this section is developed to discuss parental guides and tips on different information security aspects that will eventually leverage the level of awareness among parents, kids and teens.
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Information Security Incident
Level: Parents

Information Security Incident Definition:

Any adverse event whereby some aspect of computer security could be threatened: loss of data confidentiality, disruption of data or system integrity, or disruption or denial of availability.

Examples of Information Security Incidents:

  • Intrusion Attempts:
    • Unauthorized attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network.
  • Publishing Personal Information:
    • Publishing personal information of the victim without his permission.
  • Denial of Services:
    • Defined as an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users, i.e. Internet Access, Bandwidth ... etc
  • Unauthorized access:
    • Using the victim's computer to view personal information without their authorization such as, printing and viewing files, capturing an image using the embedded camera ... etc
  • Sudden Changes:
    • Changes in the Operating System configuration and settings to allow an easy access to the hackers, such as shutting down the antivirus, adding new users ... etc

Why to Report a Security Incident?

You'll get the following benefits by reporting security incidents:

  • You'll be provided with detailed information on how to avoid such incidents.
  • Mitigate the possibilities of the incident reoccurrence
  • Restore your computer to its previous functional settings.

Whom to Report to?

You should report to Oman National CERT, as the legal and formal government body to handle and respond to Information security incidents.

Channels to Report Security Incidents:

There are Five channels to report to security incidents offered by Oman National CERT: