Security Lessons
Security Lessons
You can find here lots of security related lessons including, Internet security, email security, password security, viruses and lots more. You can also view these lessons in an interactive way by clicking on the Interactive Lesson and to share the knowledge you can send these lessons to your friends via Email.
Security Lessons
Email Security
Level: Kids

E-mail is a good easy way of communication today. It is used to transfer text messages and documents between billions of people every day. It is used for fun and business. Also, email has become the fastest vehicle of spreading viruses.

Dangers related to email system:

Intruders can enter your computer via email if you are not careful. This is mainly due to the fact that email is:

  • Widely used.
  • Easy to attach any type of files.
  • Easy to forge an email message.

Ways of infecting harm:

  • Attachments.
  • Spam emails.
  • Chain letters.

Do you know?

Spam and chain letters are a burden on the email system. They waste resources through their negative impact on the network traffic and data storage capacity.


  • Change your password often and make it difficult to guess..
  • Log off when done.
  • Don’t be caught by the spammers’ favorite trick, “Remember me?”


  • Use polite language in your emails.
  • Scan email attachment for viruses before opening.
  • Be careful of emails from strangers.
  • Delete old unwanted emails.


  • Don't send annoying emails.
  • Avoid forwarding chain letters.
  • Don’t click on hyperlinks on spam emails.
  • Don't believe emails telling you that you have won a prize unexpectedly.