Security Lessons
Security Lessons
You can find here lots of security related lessons including, Internet security, email security, password security, viruses and lots more. You can also view these lessons in an interactive way by clicking on the Interactive Lesson and to share the knowledge you can send these lessons to your friends via Email.
Security Lessons
Internet Security
Level: Kids

Lots of people use the internet for different things. Students & researchers use it for information. Business people use it for business. Others use it for fun.

General guidance:

  • Tell your parents if you read on the net something that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Remember that people online may be something different than what they claim.
  • Do not meet someone without the permission of your parents.


If you're not comfortable about anything just disconnect from the internet.

When serving the net we should:

  • Respect the others.
  • Explore constructive stuff.
  • Use it moderately.


  • Uploading personal photos.
  • Putting home address, phone number, school name on the net.
  • Meeting chat room friends without telling your parents.

Do you know?

The internet is a vast virtual world, full of wonderful things, but it is open, like chatting in the street. So be careful! Don’t give personal information unless you know exactly with whom you are communicating.


  • Visit only known & respected websites.
  • Be careful when downloading programs & games from the net.
  • Scan for viruses before opening any file.


  • Don't visit suspicious sites.
  • Don't infringe upon the privacy or personal rights of others.
  • Don’t help spreading viruses and spyware.