Security Lessons
Security Lessons
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Security Lessons
Level: Kids

Chat rooms are sites on the Internet where users can have live, two-way conversations via text messages. Chatrooms can accommodate large numbers of people, who can read and respond to each other’s messages. You have the chance to meet and form friendships with children from all around the world. As fun as it sounds, it can also be dangerous. Most chat rooms are mainly for entertainment and have little or no educational value. Instant Messages (IM) are like a chatroom except the chat is always private and cannot be read by anyone not invited into the conversation

Danger of Chatrooms & IMs:

The greatest danger in chatrooms and IMs is that you don't know the real identity of the person on the other side. Therefore, you need to be cautious. People using chatrooms are faced with different types of dangers therefore you need to aware of them because knowledge is power.

Always remember!!!

You do not know exactly with whom you are chatting. That person may turn to be of different age and sex than what he/she is saying.

Common Law:

  • Remember, you're in control. You don't have to respond if you feel uncomfortable.
  • By all means make your views known, but always respect the feelings of others.
  • Never arrange to meet someone from a chat room without informing a parent first.

Be Aware:

Don't give your real name to anyone in chatrooms, regardless of how nice that person may seem to be, as he could be a cyber predator.


Participate in chat rooms that have moderators. On mIRC, moderators are called Ops, or channel operators.
Protect your personal identity and only use nicknames.
Watch out for cyber predators asking personal questions such as name, sex, age, school, home address, phone number. If this happens, say goodbye and exit.
Delete files sent from strangers without opening them, as they may contain viruses, worms and spyware.
Stay in the chat room with all the other kids instead of allowing anybody to pull you aside for Instant Messages (IM) privately.


  • Don't put personal information on your profile.
  • Don't publish your photo or send it on request.
  • Don't use webcams in chatrooms.
  • Don't leave the public area of a chat room to privet chats.
  • Don't accept files from IMs as they may contain viruses.